Boogilicious – Funk, Rock, & Pop Dance Hits

October 19, 2024 at 9:45 PM

21+ SHOW – DOORS: 5PM 

37 East Main Street

Buford, Ga 30518


Get ready to dance!


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Boogilicious is an Atlanta based, high energy band that always brings, laughs, dancing and lots of fun to any stage they take! Not only do they pick the greatest dance, pop, funk and rock hits all the way from the 60s right up to today… they perform every song with amazing skill!



Boogying Fun Facts!

  • Disco Fever: The 1970s disco era brought boogying to the forefront of popular culture. The release of the movie “Saturday Night Fever” in 1977, starring John Travolta, showcased boogying and disco dancing, and its soundtrack, featuring hits by the Bee Gees, became one of the best-selling albums of all time.


  • Boogie Shoes: The 1975 hit song “Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band became an anthem for the dance floors. Its catchy beat and upbeat lyrics perfectly encapsulated the spirit of boogying and are still popular in retro dance parties today.


  • Dance Marathons: Boogying has its roots in earlier dance crazes, including the dance marathons of the 1920s and 1930s, where couples would dance for hours or even days in a competition to outlast their competitors. These events were a mix of endurance and style, showcasing the joy and energy of boogying long before disco took over.