The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos Show – FREE SHOW – AUG 1

August 01, 2024 at 8:30 PM

DOORS: 5pm

SHOW: 8:30pm

**NC17 Show

37 East Main Street

Buford, Ga 30518

The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos

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The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos combine unparalleled musical talent with side-splitting humor to make sure that your party becomes just that….a party. Each song is requested by your guests, and The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos know well over 1,500 popular songs! The audience is pleasantly persuaded to become part of the show, and even the most bashful and self-conscious patron will soon be singing gleefully at the top of their lungs! They make weddings, corporate events, and parties become an unforgettable night of uncontrollable smiles!

The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos Crew

Dueling Pianos Fun Facts!

  1. Interactive Entertainment: Dueling pianos shows are known for their audience interaction, taking song requests and encouraging sing-alongs and dancing.
  2. Friendly Competition: The format typically features two pianists who play against each other, creating a friendly musical rivalry that keeps the energy high.
  3. Wide Song Selection: Pianists often play a diverse range of songs, from classic rock and pop hits to country, jazz, and show tunes, appealing to all musical tastes.
  4. Comedy and Improv: In addition to music, dueling pianos shows often include comedic banter and improvisational moments, making each performance unique and entertaining.
  5. Crowd Participation: Audience members can tip the pianists to play specific songs or challenge each other to musical duels, adding an element of fun and unpredictability to the show.