The Velcro Pygmies – High Energy Rock Songs

September 06, 2024 at 9:45 PM

21+ SHOW – Doors: 5 PM

37 East Main Street

Buford, Ga 30518

The Velcro Pygmies

High Energy Rock Songs


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Get ready for an electrifying night at 37 Main on September 6th with The World Famous Velcro Pygmies! This band promises an unforgettable journey back to the glory days of arena rock.

Relive an era when music ruled the world, hair reached new heights, and rock ‘n’ roll was larger than life. Brace yourself for scorching guitar solos that transform musicians into rock gods and witness fallen angels flock to the front row like Aquanet to feathered bangs.

This is your golden ticket to a night of pure rock magic. Don’t miss out on the time-traveling excitement at 37 Main!


High Energy Rock Songs


Arena Rock Fun Facts!

  1. Def Leppard’s Monumental Tours: Def Leppard’s iconic tours in the 80s filled arenas worldwide. Their Hysteria tour was one of the most successful rock tours of the decade.
  2. Warrant’s Arena-Filling Success: Warrant quickly became a headlining act, thanks to hits like “Heaven” and “Cherry Pie.” Their live shows were a spectacle, featuring powerful performances and crowd-pleasing energy.
  3. Bon Jovi’s Global Stardom: Bon Jovi’s rise to fame included massive arena tours featuring anthemic hits like “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Their shows drew fans from around the world.
  4. High-Energy Performances: Arena rock bands were known for their high-octane performances, with stunning stage setups, pyrotechnics, and engaging interactions with the audience.
  5. Epic Encores: 80s arena rock shows often ended with memorable encores, leaving fans energized and eager for more.



View of stage from the tables.

View from the stage.

View of stage from back of the room.