84 – Atlanta’s Ultimate Van Halen Tribute w/ Lynnay Della Lucé Acoustic Set (7:45)

October 04, 2024 at 7:45 PM

21+ SHOW – DOORS: 5PM 

37 East Main Street

Buford, Ga 30518

Opening acoustic set by Lynnay Della Lucé at 7:45!



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84 has quickly become the region’s most sought after Van Halen tribute band.

Faithfully recreating the sound, look, and energy of the original Van Halen lineup (1978-1984), 84 brings a jaw-droppingly authentic, passion filled show to packed venues and sold out crowds throughout the Southeast and beyond.  84’s Dave, Eddie, Michael, and Alex work to bring you the most accurate concert experience possible.  And it ain’t no joke!



Van Halen Fun Facts!

  • Brown M&Ms Contract Rider: Van Halen’s infamous contract rider demanded a bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed backstage. This was not just a rock star whim but a way to ensure promoters read the contract thoroughly to avoid technical errors that could affect their complex stage setup.


  • Michael Anthony’s Jack Daniel’s Bass: Bassist Michael Anthony is known for his custom bass guitar shaped like a Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle. This iconic instrument became a staple of their live shows, reflecting the band’s hard-partying image.


  • “Eruption” Origin: Eddie Van Halen’s legendary guitar solo “Eruption” was originally just a warm-up exercise. Eddie didn’t intend to record it for their debut album, but producer Ted Templeman overheard it and insisted it be included, making it one of the most famous guitar solos in rock history.



Van Halen Band

Lynnay Della Lucé (7:45)